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In the Public Interest


Zine Type: Anthology

Genre: Slash

Publisher: AMC Press (originally Sunshine Press)
Year: 1985

Distributor: None known


Wizard by Sue-Anne Hartwick
Practical Demonstrations by Jane
Sorcerer's Apprentice by Jean Chabot
Fantasy by Windy
Things That Go Bump In The Night by Bettina Sheets
Barriers of the Soul by Flash
Deposit on Tomorrow by Karen Eaton
Blood Ties by Lois Welling
Journal by Anne Carr
Jungle Cat by Sue-Anne Hartwick
The Sheik of Arab-by by Bettina Sheets
Lights Of Home by Karen Eaton
A December Reverie by Jane
An Exercise in Futility by Madeleine Lee
A Dinner Date by TACS
Camoflage by Lezlie Shell
La Triviata Pursuitto by Araminta Carrington
Poison Apples by Pam Rose

Jean Clissold
Pat Cash
Ruth Kurtz
Karen Eaton
Sheila Willis
Tags: publisher-amc press, zine, zine-in the public interest

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