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Achates Quest

(Further Adventures of The Galactic Exploration Society)

Author: Robyn LaSalle

Zine Type: Novel

Genre: Slash

Publisher: The Presses? Bodacious Press?
Year: 1996

Distributor: None known

129 pages.
The Agent With Style website lists this under "Original Fiction" but claims that the author, includes characters inspired by t.v. shows like The Professionals - we are invited to see who we can recognise. And personally, I reckon that's supposed to be Doyle, there on the cover...

Actors listed for the characters in the zine are:
Raimon Autumnwolf - Martin Shaw
Beauxde' Ravenswood - Lewis Collins
Jasper Ravenswood - Michael Wincott
Laan Mackrin - Alan Rickman
Tasia Mary - Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Markiel - Oliver Reed
Pulo - Michael Lerner
The Trapper - Lance Henriksen
Cleo - Christina Ricci
Adm. Gryphon - Peter Wyndarde
Joshua Simmons - Kiefer Sutherland
Dr. Samantha Quigley - Jodie Foster
Dennis Shire - Tom Conti
Ash Ravenswood - Elijah Wood
Damyel - Michael J. Pollard
Hanna - Judy Carne

A space adventure. In the foreword, Robyn states this is a story of undying love, following her first zine from this series, Turn of a Friendly Card. The characters Beauxde' Ravenswood and Raimon Autumnwolf - Bodie & Doyle, by any other name - make another appearance as the leads for this zine. It's a strong h/c story with Raimon searching the stars for his lover, Beauxde', who's missing presumed dead. A collection of other characters move through the story as Raimon refuses to give up his search. (Information from an external source!)

Illustrated by KOZ
Tags: author-robyn lasalle, zine, zine-achates quest

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