The ProsLib dvd disc was originally based on the US Paper Circuit Archive, but has expanded to include many new stories and other creations. It contains many hundreds of Pros stories, many not available on the internet, as well as vids and art. It also has an associated IO group for distribution of stories.

Further information, including how it can be obtained, is publically available at The Hatstand, an invaluable website for Professionals fans.

The ProsLib IO Group is members only, but instructions on how to sign up should be included at the site.

The IO group (which used to be the Yahoo group) includes in it's files section, an index of all stories currently on the dvd. Stories are posted regularly to the messages and long files section of the group, and are emailed to members on the list. They are not archived in the IO group indefinitely, but are gradually moved onto the ProsLib dvd.

Where the author of a story is anonymous, a story may still be looked up by title on the index to the ProsLib dvd disc, and found that way.