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Meg Lewtan

This author's stories are not available online, and I was told that she has expressed a wish that they remain as paper-only stories. At least some of her stories are available in the ProsLib dvd archive, with the author's permission.

Interview with Meg Lewtan (Interviewed by Metabollick, 2011)


An Affair to Remember (Affair to Remember series: 1)

Another Turn of the Rack

Attitude of Mind

Babes in the Woods

Because it's There

Bird in a Gilded Cage


Body Heat

Call it What You Like

Camera Shy

The Cop From Snowy River

Dog in the Manger

Farewell Miami Vice (poem)

The Green Cock of the Yellow God

Heir Apparent (Affair to Remember series: 2)

Inner Thoughts I

Inner Thoughts II

Kill on Command (Three's Not a Crowd series: 2)

Listed as Missing, Presumed...

Love is the Drug
(ML notes this as the first "Profs" story she wrote)

The Luck of the Draw

Mixed Doubles Doubled

Murder on the Moor

Negative Developments

No Man's Land

Out of the Jungle

Personal Involvement

Point of No Return

The Portrait

Preconceived Notions

Ritual Cleansing

Shirt Tales #1

Shirt Tales #2

Shirt Tales #3

Shirt Tales #4

Stage Fright

Super Grass

There has to be a Morning After

Three's Not a Crowd (Three's Not a Crowd series: 1)

Traitor's Fate

Up Jumped a Swagman

War Games