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Author: Sara Lansing and Barbara Jones

Zine Type: Novel

Genre: unknown

Publisher: CI5 Entropy Press (Australia)

Year: 1997

Distributor: None known

142 pages.
First printed in July 1997.
Australian fanzine.

Description on an Ebay sale
This is a novelette by Sara Lansing and Barbara Jones.
From the flyer: Amongst the softly-raining leaves of an English autumn Bodie and Doyle can at last relax, after the hardest summer of their lives. Now they can put behind them the horrors of the drug war of high summer, of their unplanned sojourn to the African bush, and get back to straight forward work: or as straight forward as CI-5 ever gets. But nothing can prepare them for that which hides behind the innocent face of English country life. A subculture exists, and as with all things, it has two faces. One face smiles, and dedicates its existence to light and life: the other is turned to darkness, and worships only hate. At a point-to-point race meeting in the Downs country, a chance meeting with corrupt businessman Harry Walters sets 3/7 and 4/5 on the trail of something strange, and a labyrinth of hidden intent, closed minds and incredulity leads them to the shocking face of murder, torture, of a corruption that makes Harry Walters’ escapades look mundane. Something powerful is stirring in Britain, turning in its sleep, drifting up to consciousness, and CI-5 is alert to it. The trail leads to London, out to the picturesque shores of Wales, and in the towns around Cardigan Bay Doyle, Bodie, Murphy and Fischer link up with a long-running investigation by the Serious Crimes Squad of the Welsh Police into the activities of the shadowy John Stanhope, known to his followers as The Master. What goes on behind the closed doors of his secure, hidden world? What is his obsession with darkness? How much truth, or reality, can there be in this nonsense? And how far can the dark side go before the light breaks through and blinds it? Doyle and Bodie, at the eye of a building storm, find themselves guests in a strange world, guided by some old friends Doyle had not thought to see again so soon. But when the hellfire begins to fly and the skies become as blood, sharp-edged steel and the confidence of firepower are all the surety they have — or need — to beard the dragon in its cave!

Achates Quest

(Further Adventures of The Galactic Exploration Society)

Author: Robyn LaSalle

Zine Type: Novel

Genre: Slash

Publisher: The Presses? Bodacious Press?
Year: 1996

Distributor: None known

129 pages.
The Agent With Style website lists this under "Original Fiction" but claims that the author, includes characters inspired by t.v. shows like The Professionals - we are invited to see who we can recognise. And personally, I reckon that's supposed to be Doyle, there on the cover...

Actors listed for the characters in the zine are:
Raimon Autumnwolf - Martin Shaw
Beauxde' Ravenswood - Lewis Collins
Jasper Ravenswood - Michael Wincott
Laan Mackrin - Alan Rickman
Tasia Mary - Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Markiel - Oliver Reed
Pulo - Michael Lerner
The Trapper - Lance Henriksen
Cleo - Christina Ricci
Adm. Gryphon - Peter Wyndarde
Joshua Simmons - Kiefer Sutherland
Dr. Samantha Quigley - Jodie Foster
Dennis Shire - Tom Conti
Ash Ravenswood - Elijah Wood
Damyel - Michael J. Pollard
Hanna - Judy Carne

A space adventure. In the foreword, Robyn states this is a story of undying love, following her first zine from this series, Turn of a Friendly Card. The characters Beauxde' Ravenswood and Raimon Autumnwolf - Bodie & Doyle, by any other name - make another appearance as the leads for this zine. It's a strong h/c story with Raimon searching the stars for his lover, Beauxde', who's missing presumed dead. A collection of other characters move through the story as Raimon refuses to give up his search. (Information from an external source!)

Illustrated by KOZ

In the Public Interest


Zine Type: Anthology

Genre: Slash

Publisher: AMC Press (originally Sunshine Press)
Year: 1985

Distributor: None known


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